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Creating viral campaigns on TikTok.

We build turn-key creative campaigns on TikTok in line with the trends of the day. After an initial meeting, our creative team offers you the most accurate content creatives by embedding current trends with our TikTok influencers.

For You Page

One of the most important features of TikTok is that the content created can reach thousands of people without being limited by the number of followers. We know how TikTok's discover (FYP) algorithm works and create campaign contents accordingly.

Wide Influencer Network

Reaching out to the desired audience by working together with more than 12.5K creators having followers between 10K and 3M.

Campaign Sketch

We are holding a short meeting where we talk about the campaign you want to run and what can be done in order to maximize the effect.

Creative Process

Considering the information we received from you, we design creative campaign briefs in accordance with current trends.


Matching you with best creators that can directly reach the desired audience our from our huge creator pool.

Detailed Reporting

At the end of the campaign, we present a detailed report in accordance with the metrics you want to track and sample posts being shared throughout the campaign.

Let's meet.

Find a time.