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What is Influera?

We design the way you interact with your audience.

As Influera, we don't only match you with the right influencers, we are a one-stop-shop! We help you find the right platform, the accurate audience and the best fit content for your nano & micro influencer campaigns.







What does Influera do?

Creative Influencer Campaigns for you.

The most organic type of influencer with followers between 500 and 10K, organic interaction with their audience and very high return.

Having followers between 10K and 100K, micro influencers engage with their "defined" audiences in most friendly way.

We provide the best fit influencer type, audience interests, social media platform choice for your campaign. Reach us to start creating the right creative content.

We will be providing services

We will be creating amazing campaigns on multiple platforms.

Content Creation for your Brand

Having a hard time creating content for your brand? Knock knock. Influera is here to do that for you.

Creative Campaign Consultancy

Along with the campaigns you choose, we provide free campaign consultancy to match all your needs.

Location based shares.

Would you like to feature your product? Let our influencers come to your store and share their journeys in most organic way possible.


Reach out to your audience through creative Twitter floods.


Campaigns which your brand is shared organically through stories, posts or reels.


Creating viral content for your brand with more than 12.5K creators on TikTok.

Let's start your amazing campaign


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